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My Vacation Starts at the Airport

What would you say is the worst part of flying? The lines at security? Every plug being occupied? How about the layovers? Trying to kill 2-4 hours at an airport is literally the worst part of flying, at least for me. Uncomfortable airport chairs, screaming children, people rushing past each other in every direction. Often vacations don’t feel like they start until after you get out of the dang airport. However, since I changed my credit cards, my vacation starts when I get to the airport. I always arrive early, not just to avoid lines and crowds, but because I get to start relaxing right away. First, I check a bag at no cost to me, then breeze through security with my TSA precheck, even though there is hardly a line at security yet, and get to my favorite part: the lounges.

Airport Lounges, those two words always bring a smile to my face.

I walk up with my credit card in hand and am warmly greeted by smiling employees. After signing in, I find a comfortable seat, with my own outlet, and get some food. Now this is not typical airport food, but high end restaurant quality food, all included! Real plates and dishes, options galore, honestly, I never leave hungry. Not only do I not have to spend 15 dollars on a crappy airport sandwich, but I also get to have quiet ambiance that allows me to relax or get some work done. Sometimes I am sad to see my boarding time is coming up and know that my time at the lounge is ending.

But before I leave I have to make a stop at the bathroom, while all lounge bathrooms are better than any regular airport bathroom, some stand out even more. The spacious stalls are solid with no gaps for people to see in, clean, calm atmosphere with nice soap and lotions. So when I finally do leave I am ready for my trip!

Now not every airport has a lounge, but if you have a layover somewhere, it is most likely a large airport with at least one lounge you can access. Some lounges have beds, or even showers. Like I said, my vacation starts at the airport.

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