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Using the Calculator

The thing that sets our sight apart from others is that we have this useful tool in determining what your monthly or yearly points outlook could be. It really is eye opening to see that you too can fly for free sooner than you think.

A quick note this is a tool, not a guarantee.

You will see only a handful of cards, these are cards that most smart travelers use. Notably absent is the Capital One Venture Card. You can read about that here, but long story short is that it isn't a good trade off compared to actual mile cards. (I made the same mistake early on in my own miles adventure until I came across the article from One Mile At A Time, and others like it)

You will also notice that there are 2 major card companies, American Express and Chase that is because these are the best card pair ups and you can read more about that here, and no I am not financially linked to either, sadly.

So you might notice that the Chase Combined route is best for you. YAY! A small caveat is that in order to use your Chase Freedom Unlimited or Chase Freedom points for travel partners you must first have a Premium Card first. What I mean by that is you need to have either Chase Sapphire Reserve or Chase Sapphire Preferred. Both of these cards carry an annual fee that is fairly substantial.

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